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Global Seven News is an independent and rapidly expanding global media news site which prides itself on presenting current news events and major news issues from around the world. The team at GSN is devoted to ensuring we provide our audience with a comprehensive view on up-to-date and interesting topics which impact upon the lives of many. We want to engage our readers with absorbing commentary on worldwide affairs, accompanied with videos and trending articles, to encourage opinion and thought-provoking debate and intelligent discussion.

Our Mission

Through our team of writers and our readers, GSN aims to focus its efforts to discuss significant issues which are relevant to the way we live today, making sure the content published helps raise awareness of matters that need exposure in order to make change possible. Our writers look to formulate challenging articles in order to motivate people to think how they would tackle society’s problems. Our goal is for Global Seven News to establish a dedicated and loyal network of readers with a deep interest and passion in the international stories which affect us all.

Our Vision

Global Seven News looks to build a readership that truly cares about important questions and affairs of the moment and which genuinely wishes to engage in discussion of these different issues. We aim to sound out opinions from around the globe, and in doing so bring our global society closer together. We want our audience to feel that it plays an integral part in our website through contributing differing points of view to our writers’ articles. As a news team, we want to write about subjects that need a voice and present the facts so that our readers can then develop their own ideas further.

Leadership Team

  • Lee Cross | Editor & Founder

    I am a writer and the founder of GSN. I come from London and find current affairs very interesting, especially with regards to how the world is changing so much. I first became interested in current affairs through working at a popular newspaper. I aim to bring people's opinions on important news stories together through GSN and give a voice to people globally concerning the issues that matter most to them. I think it is very important to give people a chance to be heard and air their opinions worldwide so that major events and topics can be written about and discussed in order to bring positive change.


  • Paul Budde

    Biography Paul Budde - Paul Budde is the CEO of BuddeComm, an independent research and consultancy company, focusing on the telecommunications market and its role within the digital economy. The research offered by BuddeComm’s worldwide network of senior analysts encompasses 190 countries, 500 companies and 200 discrete technologies and applications. Paul specialises in the strategic planning of government and business innovation and transformation around the sharing and networking economy, resulting in building smart cities and smart communities (including e-health, e-education, smart grids, smart transport and digital media. He has been involved as an advisor in discussions on this national interest concept during meetings in the White House and with the FCC, the United Nations and the governments of the Netherlands, Australia, Britain, Qatar, Ireland and New Zealand. He has assisted the UN in setting up the Broadband Commission for Digital Development of which he consequently was the special advisor, he was also the lead author of a report that was presented to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. He is also the founder and executive director of Smart Grid Australia and a founding board member of the Global Smart Grid Federation. http://paulbudde.com/

  • David Somers

    David started his career with a major international book publisher in London. After learning proof reading and editing skills with a wide range of educational titles, he was headhunted by an international business publisher to lead the editorial team at their London H.Q. Moving into education and training David focused on training global executives in EFL, specialising in preparing them for top roles within blue chip companies worldwide. He became an expert in training high fliers on intensive and MBA programmes for the world’s leading Business schools. He has written a number of English training materials including English for International Law and English for Business. On his return to publishing he produced his own business and community magazine and became a regular contributor to the local and regional press. David’s greatest strength is his ability to work across a number of disciplines and to this end he has worked on T & C’s, Business plans, academic and business reports, educational and training resources, Expressions of Interest, Joint Venture Agreements and Funding Applications. In addition he has written many articles on business, culture, politics, current affairs and education.

  • Thorin Seex

    The life of Thorin Seex. Thorin was born on St Valentine’s day 1971 in Edinburgh. Since then he has moved about quite a bit and got bigger but still intends to move back to the country of his birth. Educated (a bit) at a catholic school in Gloucester, he moved to London at the earliest opportunity where he did many jobs; working in warehouses, motorcycle messenger (to the point where the number of injuries and broken bikes was getting silly) and most recently as a senior aggregations analyst for a Lloyds of London reinsurance syndicate. Don’t worry, no one else knows what that is either. A bit of a technophobe, on his first attempt of writing more than a few pages on a computer he completed the screenplay for the film “Hackneys Finest” (2014 Trinity Films). As an enthusiastic motorcyclist, spends a lot of time thinking up ways of being more involved with bikes. Not a skillful stunt rider himself, he is nevertheless still keen to write stuff that exploits the skills of those who are. Now living in Warwickshire with his lovely wife Karen, he still works on stories, articles and plays while wondering what his next paid job will be.

  • Catherine McNaughton

    Based in Manchester, aspiring writer.

  • Sophia Andersson-Gylden

    I come from a creative background, having studied at a school for arts. I love performing and journalism. I write about everything; from my own restaurant and theatre reviews in London, to political issues around the world. I would eventually like to work at the BBC as a reporter and to have my own clothes line. Being half Kenyan, I would also like to travel around Africa- creating documentaries and participating in humanitarian projects. My idea of a rewarding life is one where you can do what you love and get paid for it and taking trips to Fiji and Paris every month, while being around friends and family you adore.

  • Timothy Chilman

    Timothy Chilman used to work as an IT contractor, which took him to Luxembourg, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Irish Republic and Slovakia. When the bottom fell out of the market and PeopleSoft was taken over by Oracle, he became an English teacher, working in Thailand and Czech Republic . He now seeks to make a living from proofreading and writing.

  • Louise Jones

    Louise is a health and community studies graduate with a keen interest in publishing. She believes that today's unprecedented access to information technology provides a great opportunity for well-intentioned people from all over the world to gather together to help heal society's problems and create positive change. She recognises the benefits of giving individuals a voice and supports Global Seven News (GSN) as an ideal platform for this, with its open invitation for anyone to submit relevant articles for consideration; GSN will consider for publication any submitted article that provides news and information on current affairs and technological developments aimed at improving people’s lives in this age of great change.

  • John Higgins

    John Higgins is an actor, film-maker and writer. Since October 2015, he has been established as a sought-after critic and features writer for the likes of Film, TV Now and Starburst Magazines. In November 2017, he formed his film production company, Nightway Films, and is in development of his debut feature, which will be a social drama. His debut novella, The Twister Boy, a futuristic fantasy about a boy who is transformed into a tornado, was published on Inkitt in 2017.

  • Kiri O Leary

    Kiri graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Psychology. She is currently pursuing a career within the B2B PR industry and is working as an account executive for a number of global technology companies. Kiri has a keen interest in current affairs and a fascination with the societal impact of politics and technological advancements. She is a strong advocate of GSN, with a firm belief that everyone has the right to a transparent news platform.

  • Thomasina Jordan-Rhodes

    Thomasina Jordan-Rhodes is a journalism graduate from a London based university, currently living in Dubai. Thomasina is passionate about international politics, news and current affairs. She also maintains a music blog as well as being an avid traveller and socialist.

  • Cia Risbridger

    Cia Risbridger is a freelance writer and lives in Manchester.

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