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October 2016


Technology and the Fight Against Inequality

Referring to our recent report, Smart Cities – How cities can contribute to social stability and security, I agree with the general notion in public media that technological and economic developments...


The Next Development in Wireless Broadband

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates interstate communication, has started discussion of the next level of telecoms in the wireless market, aimed at making spectrum...


Telecoms Infrastructure Improvements Planned for Micronesia

Similar to other Pacific Islands, Micronesia is at the mercy of natural disasters and environmental changes such as rising sea levels brought about by climate change. The 607 small islands which make up...


High-Speed Infrastructure Takes Hold – Paving the Way for Revenue Streams

Recently there was an important development for the broadband sector when the market share of fibre infrastructure lines finally overtook DSL technologies as the largest on a global level. The fixed broadband...


Fibre Optic Technologies for the Next 50 Years

It might be hard to imagine, but we were already talking about fibre-to-the-home (FttH) networks back in the 1970s and 1980s. This was in the early days of interactive TV, and pay TV and fibre optics were...


Syria up till Now

Undoubtedly, this article will oversimplify matters, but as incomprehensible violence continues, perhaps it is time to reflect on the Syrian civil war. There is no end in sight. The war in Syria has continued...


Budget in Rio

As Rio 2016 is finding its place in Olympic history, it is time for reflection. What will the Olympic Games in Rio be remembered for in years to come? Firstly, the poor preparations of the Olympic City...

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