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November 2016


Theresa May Has Inherited the Immigration Crisis

You know how it is. A dull, damp, weary day and the mood is subdued but not necessarily low. You are waiting and waiting and then when you are just about to give up and start walking, three buses come...


Olympic Glory or Community?

The 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has quickly been celebrated as the best British result ever on foreign grounds. UK Sports has invested heavily in sports where the chance of winning a medal was...


Trump's “Winning Temperament” is No Longer Just Words

Polling data one day from the US presidential election ought to be more accurate than all previous polls, which did not account for two National Party Conventions, three presidential debates – the first...


India's Mobile Market Continues to Boom

Telecoms infrastructure Despite setbacks, India continues to be one of the fastest growing major telecoms markets in the world. It is also one of the largest. Sweeping reforms introduced by successive...

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