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December 2018


Political, Economic And Cultural Effects of Connectivity, Communications, Surveillance...

This is a good time of the year to reflect on our industry and its place in today’s society – not so much in respect of all of the important issues of the day, or from the year past, but on the broader...


Donald Trump, Neoliberalism and Reusable Coffee Cups: Climate Change in 2018

These days, many people across the globe face increasing pressure to adopt ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyles in order to combat climate change that may be causing weather extremes. Charges on single-use plastic...


Universal Credit: What Is It?

Aimed to be fully completed by March 2022, the Universal Credit system has been a topic of debate between members of Parliament. The policy combines Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Income Support,...


Knife Crime: Peer Pressure, Revenge and Broken Families

Knife crime – Britain has become notorious for it. Some people compare it to the American gun violence epidemic. Most acts of knife violence are committed by 15-25 year old males who come from working...

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