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February 2017


Smart Cities - We Can All Make a Difference

We may all have our different cultures, but our shared values are universal. Here at BuddeComm, we provide a critical link in the chain of communication and believe that the more contact we have with each...


Black People Must Reject Slavery as Their History in 2017 - Faustina Anyanwu

“Faustina refuses to accept that black history should be based on slavery alone. She argues that it does not only undermine the achievements and contributions of black people, it also creates an aura...


The United States of Isolation: an Analysis of Trump's Travel Ban

The practice of America’s founding ideals has always been dubious. With slavery, Japanese internment camps and more recently the “War on Terror”, America has allowed xenophobia and alienation to...


Murder in the Name of Honour

An honour killing is the murder of a person accused of bringing shame to his or her family. Although it may seem like a backward concept, it still goes on in rural parts of India, most notably northern...

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