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May 2016


The Maturing of the Sharing Economy

With some of the poster-child services of the sharing economy now becoming more mainstream, it has become interesting to follow the developments taking place in the new ‘sharing culture’. All those...


Empowered Customers in Smart Cities

Customers are now becoming active participants in all aspects of society and the economy and this is forcing massive transformations of the parties involved. Key sectors that are leading this transformation...


US and China Take Historic Step in Tackling Climate Change

Climate change has been an insidious problem in recent years, clouded by more imminent issues such as war and the economy. It is though, nonetheless, of great importance. Huge steps have been taken recently...


Election Fever

It feels like New Year; everywhere you look there is a sale on. Fridges, sofas, carpets, everything is on sale. So many offers makes it difficult to know where to go for the best bargain. Confusing, you...


Luka Sabbat and What is Happening in the Fashion Industry

The young Luka Sabbat has established himself as a trendsetter and the artistic model has a bright future ahead of him, already having built up a social following on Instagram and Twitter. Being the son...


Smart Grids and Blockchains

On several occasions we have advocated for the energy distribution companies to play a bigger role in the ‘future of energy’. Solar energy has taken off enormously around the world, and looking at...


Electricity Utilities and IOT

More and more connected devices will require more and better electricity solutions. In many developing economies, more people have ready access to a smartphone and the internet than to electricity. For...


VR Demand Set to Grow; Little Prospect for Telcos

Over the last 20 years I have regularly revisited the developments in virtual reality. I remember experiencing VR for the first time in the late 1980s, hence this technology has been in the making for...


A Global Threat: the Zika Virus

A US public health official announced that the Zika virus could be “scarier” than first thought.  Dr Anne Schuchat of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the virus...

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