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June 2017


The Fruitful Project

Pursuing Independent Paths (PIP) is a charity that has the greatest determination to help out those with learning difficulties. It has, therefore, come up with a fantastic project called Fruitful. It is...


Today’s Key Problem is the Lack of Trust

If we look at the turbulence that we are facing today in many Western societies, it becomes clear that a key underlying reason for the current chaotic situation is the lack of trust that has crept into...


2017 Election: a Summary

So, after the dust has settled, what has this election shown us and what have we learnt? Definitely that the younger generation cannot relate to the Tories. They are seen as outdated, short-sighted and...


Whichever Party Wins the UK General Election, what Should Their Priorities Be?

The announcement from Theresa May about the snap general election was a shock for most people in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. The question, though, for the members of whichever party wins...

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