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August 2016


Same Story, Different Year: the Trouble with Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

How much can change in a year? A vote to leave the European Union, a new Prime Minister and Donald Trump could be the US president.… Yet the Labour party is once again having a leadership election with...


Could it Be Business as Usual?

That is a really bad headline. Terrible. Even at school, children learn the basics of what news is and what isn’t. ‘Dog bites man’ is not news, but ‘Man bites dog’ is news. So by that standing,...


Quess and Quantum Communications

In mid August, China launched “QUESS” (Quantum Experiments at Space Scale). This is a new type of satellite which it hopes will be capable of “quantum communications”, supposedly hack-proof, through...


Racism in America – Conflict or Consensus?

When I was a lad at school in the UK, there was a book on the reading list for my GCSE exam called Animal Farm. For those of you unfamiliar with the work, it is a fictional story about animals on a farm...


Thomas A. Nazario and How He Founded The Forgotten International

Thomas A. Nazario came from a modest background. His mother was from Cuba and a seamstress, whilst his father was from Puerto Rico and worked as an auto mechanic. From an early age in New York City, he...


Ten Traits of a Brilliant Recruiter

In recruitment, as in any industry you will get the good and the bad. Quite often recruiters are tarred with a bad brush. People often remember negative experiences, as opposed to positive ones. Over the...


Populism and Hi-Tech

At a recent panel discussion in Berkeley, USA, the topic – The Moral Economy of Tech – was explored. The panel discussed the way hi-tech people in general view themselves and their work, and even though...

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