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A Global Threat: the Zika Virus

A US public health official announced that the Zika virus could be “scarier” than first thought.  Dr Anne Schuchat of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the virus...


Children Within the Conflict: the Gaza War

Over the last few weeks, fresh waves of violence between Israelis and Palestinians have swept across the region. Child casualties are far from uncommon in this war and many children live in constant fear...


Bolivia's Struggle with Gender-Based Violence

The number of women beaten, raped and murdered by their partners in Bolivia whilst the police remain apparently oblivious now stands at disproportionate levels compared to other South American countries....


China Relaxes its One-Child Policy

In response to the ageing population of the country, the Chinese communist party has taken drastic action and announced that couples from anywhere in China are now allowed to have two children. Previous...


Why Ageing is so Hard to Slow Down

The search for the fountain of youth or a medical equivalent has been a permanent fixture of human interest. Therefore, any news of drugs which could potentially slow down the ageing process always arouse...


The Troubles in Syria

Over the last few years, Syria has been destroyed by the civil war and extremist groups which are ripping through the country. These threats to Syrians have created the Syrian refugee crisis. This week,...

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