Pursuing Independent Paths

The author of this photo is from PIP charity.

Pursuing Independent Paths (PIP) is a charity in London which helps students with learning disabilities to overcome certain areas in their lives which they need to develop. The director is Bill Feeney, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the PIP offices.  Mr Feeney and his team are entirely devoted to the cause of helping young adults and teenagers with learning difficulties to be more independent. PIP assists, encourages and gives confidence to young adults to be able to complete tasks, such as cooking dinner or catching a bus.

PIP’s new two-year-campaign aims to raise awareness about people with disabilities who live in London and need help to progress within society and to interact closer within the community where they live. The initiative is about allowing students with disabilities to become more independent for themselves. It also focuses on different activities they can take part in, such as sport, art, music, cooking and learning go-karting.

Mr Feeney wrote an article for the Calibre magazine called From The Heart, which discusses passion and enthusiasm. It looks at how these characteristics should be used to enrich and help the lives of others who, unfortunately, suffer due to their mental ability or from having a disability where they cannot use some part of their body. The article shows how we all could give a little of our time to help people with a disability and assist them to be able to better integrate and become a part of their local community and society as a whole. If you would like to read the article, here is the link:

The objective of PIP’s new campaign is to help the general public understand that those with learning difficulties shouldn’t be viewed differently and instead should be fully accepted for who they are. It also aims to show how situations and tasks that many people take for granted can be very difficult for someone who has a mental condition or disability to manage. With the help of pro-bono support from Proximity London, PIP has told the stories of five students and how PIP helps them. The campaign is called See me, accept me, value me – a great title which will hopefully attract people’s attention. Here is a link to the page with more information:

The PIP charity concentrates on life skills, core skills (such as understanding an email or text on a phone), travel training, work skills and communication and social skills. All of these require development over a period of time, and this is where the devoted staff at PIP helps these students. It is vital that Mr Feeney and the team at PIP carry on their great work so that students can develop their skills further and feel integrated with the communities where they live.  It is a great cause to get involved with or donate too.

If you would like to contribute, here is the link:

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