Recruiting and Hiring – Why Work Experience for Teens is Imperative

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In July 2015, my little brother spent a week in the office whilst he did his work experience. Below, Daniel explains what he learnt during his time here and how he found working at Finlay James:

“For me, the best thing about my work experience at Finlay James was learning how people work in an office environment: they have goals, are focused to meet these goals, and work as a team as well as individually to meet their targets.

Every aspect of working within a business has taught me new things which have really benefited me. I now have a better understanding of what working life will be like. Working nine hours a day took a lot of getting used to in comparison to the six-hour school day. I enjoyed how vibrant the Manchester office is, something which can in part be attributed to all the friendly and welcoming staff. I admired how the staff get on both professionally and as a group of friends. It’s very different from a school classroom and everyone is much more professional in their ability to apply themselves and focus on the task at hand. The office itself is a very modern, spacious place so it’s a really positive and refreshing working environment.

Having had the privilege of being taken on board to work with the Finlay James team, I have learnt that the working world requires a great deal of commitment. Recruitment is a very competitive and difficult environment which requires time, focus and dedication. It’s clear to see that everyone in the team works hard to achieve their full potential.

Now, having had my work experience in a competitive climate such as this, I am considering a future in recruitment. The job definitely has a strong correlation between the hard work you put in and professional rewards given back. What I enjoyed most about the Finlay James team is that they are such a strong group of people who aren’t in it just for themselves. They take pride in working to help other people achieve their goals and to potentially improve someone’s life dramatically by finding them a job. Seeing how much success can be achieved by hard work has given me an insight into the attitude and skills I need to adopt to acquire the job I want.”

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It was a great experience for Daniel to see what the working world is really like. He went in admittedly with a preconceived idea of what working in an office would be like… easy in his opinion! After day one, Daniel was asleep whilst sat bolt upright in the car en-route home.

I have seen first-hand how initially he was shocked at the work rate and pretty exhausted by the working hours. However, when he does finish his chosen level of education he will go into his first full-time role with a good idea of what is required of him rather than being thrown in at the deep end. He will also see how important it is to choose a career which is challenging and exciting as well as one that he is going to be passionate about, given the amount of hours a week he is going to have to spend working.

I think all teenagers should get the chance to participate in work experience. It helps them define which career path they may wish to follow – more than five minutes with a careers officer in the common room ever could.

Who knows, five years down the line Daniel might even be fighting for the crown to be Finlay James’s next top biller!

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