How to Use Social Media to Ace Your Interview

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Research is key to being successful at any interview. Understanding the company and their hiring requirements are imperative. Every applicant will go on to the website for an hour, Google the company and read over the job specification; but is this enough?

Most markets are saturated and competition is fierce. We are out of the recession and the ‘war for talent’ is back on. More candidates than ever before are open to move for better progression and the right opportunity, so what can you do to give you the edge? Here are some essential suggestions.

The most important aspect of a job interview is to prepare. Most candidates fail at the first interview due to lack of preparation and it is advisable to spend at least two hours for a first stage interview. If you are going to take out an hour of a busy director’s time, you need to make a professional first impression and show that you value their time.

Social media is key when preparing for a potential new job. The more engaging you are the more gravitas you have, and the more familiar you are with the interviewer and the company the more professional you look. You might only have 30 minutes to an hour to impress, and you have to seize this opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Social media, if used intelligently, can give you that edge. The social media channels below can give you a fantastic insight into a lot of the things that a job spec cannot tell you. By using social media you might gain an invaluable insight into the company’s culture, what the team look like, and perhaps a sneak peak into the office environment. With regards to the interviewer, just ten minutes research can give you an insight in to their interests, hobbies and passions. In some cases you can even get to see what they look like, what they sound like and what their body language is like even before you meet with them in person.

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The below social media channels are all points of reference to help you achieve this:

LinkedIn: Through this channel you might look for any synergies that could be the topic of conversation: have they just been promoted, how long have they been at their current company, where did they work before, what common connections do you share?

It might benefit any jobseeker to go on selected or interesting company pages, follow them, and keep abreast with their company updates. You can also look over other employees at the business to give you an idea about the teams and see what kind of backgrounds they have recruited from previously.

Twitter: Just the bio alone will give you an overview of your interviewer’s personality. You may discover personal information, such as is the interviewer a dog lover, rugby fanatic, travel enthusiast or a keen cook? These might all be good points to bring up to help build rapport or simply establish general conversation. With regards to the company: follow them on Twitter and have a nose over the page as this will give you a good reference about the firm’s culture.

Facebook: Research if both the interviewer and the company have a Facebook page and follow them. Also have a look through the gallery if it is public.

YouTube: Anyone in a professional senior business position will have likely spoken at a conference or event, which may well have been recorded and therefore traceable on YouTube. This is helpful in giving an overview of what they look like, how they come across and what they sound like. This allows you to ‘meet’ them before you even speak with them.

Instagram: ‘Stalking’ a potential interviewer on Instagram could be seen as intrusive, however, people who feel this way will have their profile set to private. Instagram can give you an idea of someone’s personality, including their sense of humour and other passions, like sports teams, etc. The company may have an Instagram page, which will give you a very good overview of the company, culture, offices, nights out, etc.

Employers commonly use social media platforms across the globe. Why not use these channels to help you gain more insight into potential employers, and help secure you your next role.

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