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Art at a Price

The most expensive work of art ever sold is currently Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which fetched $450 million. $50.3m of this was auction fees, so someone had a truly good day at the office. Although...


Rotary Club Report Highlights Social Concerns

Recently, Rotary International, the global network of 1.2 million people, released its annual State of the Nation report based on the findings of 1,500 adults living in Great Britain and Ireland. The yearly...


Racism in the U.K.

The referendum vote to leave the European Union in the U.K. demonstrated several sad truths. One of which is a distinct shift in racial tolerance. According to the Home Office, “In 2016/17, there were...


Community and Race and the Problems We Face

We are living in a dynamic and curious new era. Technology has advanced at an exponential rate, bearing witness to the sheer influx of computer science, particularly artificial intelligence, yet the people...


Cultural Divide or Essence of Values? The Poor vs Rich Debate

The level of generosity that has prevailed in the shadow of tragedies like Grenfell is not so much unprecedented as anticipated, given the spirit of the British nation. However, in the shadow of austerity...


Mass Media and the Increased Perception of the Threat of Terrorism

While it is intuitive to accept that the media plays a key role in the level of perceived fear in society in relation to terrorist attacks, it was with interest that I read the bachelor thesis of my Italian...


The Animated Movies of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is a master of animation, adored by many. His stories are enjoyed by people of all ages and he is regarded as the Japanese Walt Disney. Miyazaki’s films are entirely original and draw...


Sixteen Song Covers and Their Originals

Which is more impressive: a cover song which turns an average original into a masterpiece, or one that further refines an already masterful original? Both feats require serious musical genius. In the first...


Black People Must Reject Slavery as Their History in 2017 - Faustina Anyanwu

“Faustina refuses to accept that black history should be based on slavery alone. She argues that it does not only undermine the achievements and contributions of black people, it also creates an aura...


Budget in Rio

As Rio 2016 is finding its place in Olympic history, it is time for reflection. What will the Olympic Games in Rio be remembered for in years to come? Firstly, the poor preparations of the Olympic City...

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