It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law

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It’s becoming commonplace to wake up in the morning to the news of yet another shooting in the USA. Believe it or not, there once was a time when our world wasn’t governed by guns and people didn’t live in terror, wondering when the next mass shooting would be.

There once was a time when people could live without the darkened shadow of gun violence, but not anymore.

San Bruno, California.

The heavily debated topic of gun law arose in the press once more recently following an unprecedented, catastrophic ‘shoot up’ at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Three people were shot during the attack by Nasim Aghdam – a woman who conducted the brutal shooting without any evident motive and then went on to shoot herself. Agham was known for frequently criticizing YouTube and avid protests over declines in her viewership. It’s hard to believe, though, that someone could feel that this justifies such horrific actions.

The scene in San Bruno was said to be chaotic and fuelled with terror; employees of the company described the horror of their ordeal in real time via Twitter. Words such as ‘barricaded’ and ‘blood’ were not uncommon throughout the cluster of tweets.

The affair took place around lunchtime on the 3rd April of this year. One could call it shocking, but unfortunately it is simply just another example that warrants a place in the metaphoric bulky book of reasons as to why the Second Amendment needs repealing. Mass shootings like these are so frequent that it is hard to see a week pass by without news of another.

An abundance of incidents.

The San Bruno shooting marks the 58th mass shooting of the year. April alone has already seen 10 incidents.

“We lose eight children and teenagers to gun violence every day. If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing eight of our children every day, America would mobilize teams of doctors and public health officials. We would move heaven and earth until we found a way to protect our children. But not with gun violence.” – Elizabeth Warren, ‘A Fighting Chance’ (2014). And thus, heads shall turn to America and ask “when, just when are we going to see an end to this nonsense?”

A country’s regime needs to be seriously questioned when shootings are so frequent that people fail to bat an eyelid over them anymore. Although they are horrid occurrences, we live in such dark times that they are not out of the ordinary for us. Global onlookers are becoming increasingly restless, wondering how many of the world’s children and adults alike must die before we see a change; and those who are living amid the carnage, one can only imagine, feel the same.

Your move, Mr. President.

This leads us once again to the U.S. Congress with a heavy heart and desperate plea. This violence has to end and the only palpable solution is to repeal the Second Amendment. Mass shootings cannot be committed without a gun.

Though it’s unlikely this would eliminate the problem altogether, it would certainly help ease it. Australia is the perfect example for this. The land down under was devastated in 1992 during the infamous Port Arthur Massacre, a shooting so deadly it urged the government to implement automatic gun reform. It took just 12 days for Australia to push the pledge to law and they have not seen another mass shooting in the 26 years since.

Though it has been a hot-off-the-press topic for far too long, the discussion of gun law reforms really ought to be coming to a close now, with the outcome that gun laws should be tightened. The plea should be brought to light even more so with recent incidents such as the YouTube HQ shooting. How many more people have to be injured or even die to realise that guns do far more harm than they could ever do good?

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By Jessica Pardoe

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