The changing technology shifts around the world distilled on GSN

Could Cybersecurity Become a New Driver for Business Transformation?

My involvement in the information and communications technology ( ICT) industry has lasted for more than 40 years. I have always looked at the strategic advantages offered by new technologies. When I...


Putting Cyber Threats Into Perspective

As society uses more digital technology, we are increasingly also faced with its problems. Most of us will have some horror stories to tell about using computers, smartphones and the internet. But this...


The Importance of Government Leadership in Digital Transformation

Our societies and economies have reached a new threshold. The developments that have lead to this are a logical continuation of our evolutionary process, but interestingly, the current rapid societal changes...


Saint Petersburg Smart City 2030

When I travelled to Russia back in 1972, I was very much impressed by St Petersburg (then called Leningrad). It was, at that time, already more westernised than Moscow. And now, while this city has seen...


Big Data for the Common Good of Local Communities

Big data could be one of the most important tools to assist human society in the future. Our increasingly complex society will be able to continue to move forward based on rational, scientific facts...


Will 5G Trigger Smart City PPP Collaboration?

As discussed in previous analyses, the arrival of 5G will trigger a totally new development in telecommunications. Not just in relation to better broadband services on mobile phones – it will also generate...


Disruptive Technology Can Benefit Our Society

There are plenty of discussions concerning the various disruptions that are taking place all around us. But it is not only industries and markets that are being disrupted; it is also happening in both...


What Is the Future for Mobile Network Operators?

The telecommunications industry continues to resist structural change, but the reality is that if it doesn’t transform then technology will do this for it. We have seen the fixed telecom operators slowly...


Transition of the Telecoms Industry Is Overdue

It is interesting to observe the changes in the telecommunications environment over the last few decades. Before the internet predecessor videotex arrived in the late 1970s early 1980s, 90% of telecommunications...


Smart Cities Should Be Based on Social Considerations

A smart city is one where information technology is employed to heighten efficiency and share information with the public, improving people’s quality of life. The smartest city in the world at the...


Next on the US Telecoms Agenda - Downgrading Broadband

The US telecoms industry lobby, American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T), Verizon and Comcast have successfully pushed their regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to get rid of net...

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