Smart Cities – We Can All Make a Difference

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We may all have our different cultures, but our shared values are universal. Here at BuddeComm, we provide a critical link in the chain of communication and believe that the more contact we have with each other, the greater understanding, collaboration and friendship we can enjoy.

Over the last few years, I have become more and more involved in assisting cities and industry to develop smart cities. One of the most useful elements of this is that at a city or community level there becomes far greater mutual understanding and cooperation than there is at national or state levels – at the moment the opposite actually happens. In cities, people are far more inclined to work together and in most situations get along very well with each other. This spurs me on to put more and more effort behind grassroots developments. If we build more liveable, friendly, sustainable and interconnected communities, we can solve many of the problems confronting the human race.

In my travels to cities around the world, I am enormously impressed by the thousands of young people who are involved in local innovation hubs in cities, schools and universities. Many startups are operating in similar environments and many businesses have programs for young people as well. These are the people who are going to build our smart cities – people who are creating new economic activity that will result in more and better jobs, all centred on the social and economic activities in those cities. This in turn will increase the economic as well as the social value of a city.

So, therefore, the message here is to build better and stronger local communities, where we all personally have a much better opportunity to shape our future. In the technology industry, we have the tools in the form of intellect, software and hardware that are important to make this happen.

Our BuddeComm community consists of over 4,000 people in over 80 countries – a large enough number to make a difference.

All the best from the BuddeComm team in Bucketty and Australia, and from our analysts operating in countries elsewhere.

Paul Budde


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