71 Migrants Found Dead in a Lorry in Austria

Author: Mstyslav Chernov - Source: Own work - From Wikimedia Commons

The United Nations has stated that there needs to be a lot more control over migrants fleeing to Europe after 71 people were found dead in a lorry in Austria. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has asked states to expand legal paths for migration as well as looking at ways of better ensuring migrant safety as they undertake these arduous journeys fraught with danger.

Another 200 migrants are feared to be dead after two boats sank off Libya. Migrant numbers are at an all time high, with an estimated 107,500 arriving in Europe in July alone, according to EU border agency, Frontex. Why are people suffering so much and why are governments and the UN not doing more to solve this issue and ease the despair of so many?

A large amount of people who undertake these dangerous journeys are refugees escaping from troubled countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria. Governments must show greater solidarity in understanding and solving conflicts and other issues that leave people little choice but to flee their homeland.

All too often we find that the cause of the problems that these countries in crisis face are greed and power from selfish leaders hellbent on stamping their own views on how other citizens should lead their lives.

As people throughout the world helplessly watch these situations becoming more common, it is imperative that we ensure that international laws on asylum requests and help are being met; people should not be forced to return to troubled countries from where they have fled. This is not only a great concern for international law, but a duty for everyone.

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