Houthi Rebels in Yemen Release One American Hostage

The source of the photo is Marines train to rescue hostages in hostile situations [Image 1 of 6]. The author is DVIDSHUB. From Wikimedia Commons.

Houthi rebels have set free one of several Americans in captivity in Yemen, the State Department has declared. An official spokeswoman Marie Harf has identified the freed American as Casey Coombs.

Harf said that Coombs who had been injured had managed to reach the city of Oman. She also declared that Coombs was in a condition that was stable and said diplomats in Oman were helping Coombs with consular assistance.

Harf also said that the US were thankful to the government of Oman for its assistance and the US knew of certain reports of other Americans being held against their will in Yemen. There are still hope that at least three more Americans are still being held by Houthi militants. A number of air strikes against the Houthis, led by Saudi Arabia and also planned by US intelligence has made any plans for diplomacy difficult.

Unknown militants have also held a French woman called Isabelle Prime in which she pleaded for help and looked frail and in very poor health. A French official said the video’s authenticity was genuine and also declared that the government would help to obtain her release.

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