Revolutionary Shoes That Could Help Millions of Children Around the World

Photo by Uncalno Tekno. From Flickr.

Kenton Lee was working in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2007 and noticed a young child in church one day. The shoes she was wearing were far too small for her, so he decided to design a wonderful pair of shoes that could last impoverished children for a long time – around five years at least.

His idea was a sandal that’s size could be adjusted as a child’s feet grew as he/she got older. This would allow children who were in poverty to not go barefoot again. From this innovative design came a great success. The adjustable shoe has helped many children to date and will help millions more children in the future.

The most recent design comes in two sizes whereby the shoes can fit very young children, around the age of kindergarden, up to when they reach fourth grade. Then the next size up fits those from the years of fifth grade to ninth grade. They don’t cost much either – one hundred pairs of the shoes will cost $12 each, which for desperately poverty stricken countries is obviously financially very good.

The shoes are made of a strong leather and a compressed rubber which makes them perfect for the Kenyan terrain, as is the case in other third world countries. Also, when the children get the shoes they come in a drawstring bag that they can then use as a school bag.

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