The Fruitful Project

The source of this photo is from Pursing Independent Paths charity.

Pursuing Independent Paths (PIP) is a charity that has the greatest determination to help out those with learning difficulties. It has, therefore, come up with a fantastic project called Fruitful. It is aimed at being an inner city street stall venture that produces natural fresh juices, made and sold by adults with learning difficulties. This is a forward thinking project that connects adults that suffer with problems such as autism as well as other learning disabilities, and PIP plan to develop the project across the streets of London. It gives meaning, experience, responsibility and purpose to the lives of adults who might struggle with things that a person with no learning difficulties would take for granted. A trial of the project has determined that there is potential for growth commercially and that it should, therefore, be expanded further afield.  

A lack of sympathy towards people with learning difficulties and their families, who have to deal with the situation day in day out, can lead to detachment and mental health problems. This is where PIP’s Fruitful project can get everyone involved and make sure these kinds of issues do not happen. The project will help to ensure that adults with learning difficulties develop their skill sets in life further.

As a society, there needs to be much more additional help for people with learning difficulties. Communities need to support the kind of projects which PIP and other charities are undertaking as this would give them self-confidence and make them feel that they are meaningfully contributing to society as well as making a real change towards their community. Developing these young adults’ life skills is so essential to them having a more fulfilling and independent life  ̶  something we should all be entitled to.

As it stands,  according to The National Autistic Society website, in the United Kingdom there are only 16% of autistic adults in full time paid employment. This is a sad and embarrassing figure   ̶  as a society we should be doing more to help charities like PIP support adults with learning difficulties. Companies need to open their doors to them and make a positive contribution within society by actually employing those who need their help the most. At the least, granting those with learning disabilities an interview and allowing them an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have worked so hard to learn would be a real step in the right direction. This is why we need to back PIP and their Fruitful project. It is so important that this project develops further across London and, hopefully, to other cities. Please help PIP to develop this great idea further by donating to support their cause. Visit the website for more information.

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