The Troubles in Syria

Photo by Freedom House. From Flickr.

Over the last few years, Syria has been destroyed by the civil war and extremist groups which are ripping through the country. These threats to Syrians have created the Syrian refugee crisis. This week, the heart breaking images of three-year-old Alan Kurdi washed up on a beach have highlighted the refugees’ struggles even further and shown to the world just how tragic the situation in Syria has become.

Over four million Syrians have fled the country since the start of the conflict, with many of these people migrating through neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. However, these countries are unable to deal with the sheer number of people and therefore Syrians have to risk their lives by attempting dangerous crossings into Europe. The images of Alan Kurdi and other refugees across the front pages of newspapers has elicited a surge of Europeans citizens urging their governments to allow more refugees in. It is hoped by many that this image will signify the start of major action to prevent the Syrian refugee crisis deteriorating further.

Unfortunately, the images which have captivated the media are only scratching the surface of the true tragedy that has gripped Syria. The conflict has taken over 250,000 lives and destroyed the country. This conflict began from small scaled violence between President Bashar Al Assad’s army and the rebel forces but has quickly grown into a civil war which has seen the use of chemical weapons, rape, murder and torture.

Whilst the country has been in a state of civil war, the extremist group Islamic State (IS) has taken full advantage of Syria’s vulnerable position and swept across the country to take control of huge swathes of land. Not only has IS amassed Syrian land but has also carried out many brutal acts in the country, such as public beheadings and amputations. The waves of violence carried out by IS has led them to emerge as the strongest and most influential terrorist group, explaining why so many Syrians are having to flee the country.

The plight of Syrians is certain to be long and troubled. The combination of the Syrian refugee crisis, Islamic state militants and ongoing civil war sadly means it is highly unlikely that the situation can be quickly resolved. However, shocking images like that of Alan Kurdi are resulting in rapid change, such as David Cameron stating that the UK will accept thousands of Syrian refugees. This change has come from individuals who are lobbying governments through social media, petitions and planned protests.

The role of the media in the story of Syria’s crisis has been criticised at times. It can therefore only be hoped that governments and individuals can take action quickly enough to stop more inhumane cases taking place.

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Jade Parker

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