Why the West Must Stand up to Putin

Photo by From Wikimedia Commons.

It has become increasingly important of late that the West concentrate their armed forces against Russia due to the fact that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is secretly sending huge amounts of money to fund Russia’s largest military since the Cold War, data collated by Bloomberg suggests.

Hit by sanctions over Ukraine and by the falling oil price, Putin has turned his attention to defense spending to bring back a dwindling economy. He has been accused of being a dictator and has upset many western countries by his actions in recent times.

Spending on defense, due to an ideology bordering on paranoia regarding national security and law enforcement, is at a staggering 34 percent of Russia’s budget. This is far more than twice the amount in 2010. The USA has spent just 18 percent ($615 billion) on defense and international security in the same period, the Washington based Centre on Budget and Policy Priorities has declared.

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