What Will it Take for Change?

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The shooting of two journalists from the American TV station, WDBJ7, was a terrible incident which shocked a country that has sadly become all too used to gun crimes. The father of the reporter killed, Alison Parker, has appealed directly to President Barack Obama to rethink the gun laws in America.

The two journalists were shot dead live on air by a disturbed ex-colleague on Wednesday. Adam Ward was the cameraman who lost his life, many would say as a direct result of the gun laws not being strong enough in America. However, Mr Obama has since called for stringent background checks for those that wish to purchase a gun after this recent attack.

The murders have reignited the debate about gun control in America – in recent years there have been far too many gun incidents. Mr Obama understands that changing the gun laws will be a hard challenge, but one he needs to address, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before something like this happens again. Alison Parker’s father, Andy, has strongly urged Mr Obama to be pro-active on the issue. Politicians can debate about the laws all they want, but in the modern era the gun laws need to be changed so that firearms do not get into the wrong hands.

Mr Obama has been diligent in dealing with Iran and health care reforms, so in terms of the equally important but perhaps – domestically – more delicate matter of gun law he should be determined to change the laws to give everyone peace of mind in America that gun laws are a lot tougher. It would be his greatest legacy as he approaches the end of his presidential term.

America is a country that stands for freedom of speech and expression, however, if these incidents keep on happening, American citizens will be frightened to go about their lives as they wish and to speak their mind against issues that are relevant to the country.

At the channel’s head offices in Roanoke, there have been flowers and black ribbons placed in memory of the two journalists. On Thursday, the staff at the station held a minute’s silence in memory of the two journalists. This is a tragedy for the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward and a great loss of two talented people. There must be stronger gun laws in America. The time has surely come. If not, then what will need to happen before changes are finally made? A frightening thought indeed.

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